Home Page problems (Internet Explorer 7)


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I've got an annoying problem with IE (Internet Explorer 7).

I set up a profile for my daughter on our laptop, and I set her homepage on Internet Explorer as the cbeebies website.

Now, whenever I load up my profile and load up IE, cbeebies appears as my homepage. Every single time, I set it back to google (and yes, I have clicked on apply!!), and when I log back on the next time, it's reverted to cbeebies again.

I'm using a fairly new laptop, on Windows Vista Home Premium, with a 1.5Ghz Intel Dual-core processor and 2GB RAM. I never had anything like this with my previous (and now dead) laptop, which was on XP.

Can anybody help with this? I know it's fairly minor, but it's very irritating!

I know there's other browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera, but I genuinely prefer IE.
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I'm not an expert with I.E. so one of the others can probably give you more detailed info on what to do. However, my first thought might be something to do with your (or your daughter's) user account settings. Check that to see if that could be part of the problem.

What I will say, is that if you are concerned about your daughters security while she is online I would strongly recommend you use a different browser for her.

IMO (in my opinion) I.E. is not a very secure browser. It is better than it was, but still risky. If you understand the risks in using it, and make sure that you are updating with the latest MS Updates, then if you still prefer using it go ahead and do so.