Hosting a file server/Dedicated haming server


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so with some friend at school we are thinking of doing LAN parties, so far its just me and another guy planning it all out, and we know we would need a Dedicated gaming server for the games.

We are also planning on buying a 24 port gigabit switch.

So what all does it take to make a file server? i would like to know, seeing as with my laptop now, my tower is sitting unused for the most part.

i will soon be getting access to the MS alliance again, so i should be able to get a server edition of windows, but id rather host in linux (i know alot of games dont support that) so we may have two servers at the parties, one for files and another for gaming.

any help would be appreciated
Well Kahai, both Windows and Linux have file sharing enabled out of the box.

On Linux, you'll need to install "samba" to be able to share with Windows hosts, though.

The only thing you need either way is just the basic OS hooked up to your gigabit switch. You might want to set up a DHCP server as well, but that's not essential.

It may not be a bad idea to set up an FTP server on the machine as well, could come in handy.
On Windows Server 2003 you just need to use the "Configure My Server Wizard" and it'll automagically set up everything to do with DHCP and DNS for you - just use the default settings.

As for FTP: How To Set Up an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003

On Linux, FTP is installed by default, you just need to enable the service (at least, on Ubuntu it is).