Hot Swap External Drive


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I was wondering if they make an External HD Case that has Hot Swap build into it, i am currently using my laptop more then my desktop (for many reasons) and it isnt the funnest to have to un screw the entire External drive, and take out/ put in the other drive.

Just wondering because my friend has his server case with Hot swap Drive slots in the front of the tower, i though that was really kool ^_^

Asking you guys helps, cause your my number 1 resource :smile:

Found one ^_^

This one looks kool SATA II 3Gb/s Hot-Swap DUAL eSATA External Drive Case with USB 2.0 Port , but then i wouldn't need them to be hot-swappable if it has two SATA slots lol

This one looks like the best bet for me: Removable HDD Tray Enclosure Supporting SATA + USB 2.0 Interfaces
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The one that hooks up through e-SATA would take up extra room on your desk and would require more cables then you need. Not to mention it would be one more power-consuming device you'd haft to plugin to an outlet. Go for the mountable rack enclosures that allow you to slide-in/out drives from the front of the computer. Some models even provide a e-SATA to USB connector so that you can take your drives with you on the road and use with other computers. Even though its hot swappable, I would still turn the computer off when switching out drives.
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