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hello there everybody
i'm not sure if thos counts as a problem or not but on hotmail every time i get a message and open it (while the little inbox toolbar is still there) after completing the message (scrolling down) i click on the next message and once it loads it loads at the very bottom of the page its not that big of a problem but its kinda annoying and it never used to happen before but now it happens all the time so if anyone could help now would be a good time
p.s. this does not happen with yahoo, google, or any other webpage
it happened with windows explorer ill try another browser right now


the same problem occureed with opera it wouldnt load on firefox
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I believe thats just because u were at the bottom with the other message so the browser/hotmail stays at the bottom. And i think u mean internet explorer
yes i meant internet explorer but previously it used to load at the top of the page i don't know why it changed and i plan on finding out why
It could be how you have the mail sorted. Are you going by date or sender? I knwo that i have clicked the wrong thing at times and got my mail disorganized from how i wanted it.
This is most likely a MS-decision.

The javascript code used to display the next message probably used to also direct the scrollbar to the top of the message, but does not any longer........

Basically, if this happens to other hotmail accounts on other computers then you can't do anything about it.
I had this same problem months ago.

The way I found round the problem is to click the tiny little box next to the email heading. Once ticked and you press to view your next email, it starts at the top of the page everytime.

Hope this helps, regards, Algypalgy.
thanks computer guru and algypalgy ill try it right now
p.s. can someone else try it so you can check if it was a change i the java script as cg was implying
I have checked my hotmail/live account and it doesnt do it for me. New messages at still at the top.
Mak, I don't think that's what he's asking.

From what I understood:
Open a message, scroll to the very bottom of that message.
Click a different message. The new message will be scrolled to the very bottom instead of starting on the top.

At least that's what I gathered :|
I have done that as well. I haev scrolled to the bottom of a message and then opened several message in sequence. Nothing happned like that to me. It went right to the next message at the top. o.0
Sorry if I misled anyone, will try to explain a bit better this time!!

I click on a email message, scan through to the bottom of the message, then click the little box next to the message heading (its to the left of the message heading, if you click inside the box a little tick mark appears, the box is under the delete column) I have just scanned. I then click on the next email message and it opens everytime at the top of the message, not the bottom. Hope this clarifies??

Kind regards, Algypalgy.