How can EasyBCD be hidden?


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EasyBCD is a pretty nice tool. However, it is not something that I'd want ordinary users messing with. The fact that admin privileges are needed is not much help because so many people operate their computer as an administrator. Therefore, it would be nice to at least remove it from site. At a minimum not include in the start menu. Is there a recommended method of making its' presence inconspicuous?
I've got to where I remove any shortcuts and start menu entries and then go the folder in Program Files\Neosmart Technologies\EasyBCD to start when I need to run it. If and when that fails I'll rename the folder to something mundane or to a Microsoft folder in the middle of the rest of them. It will probably have to be renamed before using to avoid reg or ? problems ... maybe.


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You can install EasyBCD, configure out however which way you want, then uninstall. The configuration will stick.