How can I add Ubuntu ISO to Boot?


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I have Windows XP and Windows 7 dualboot. I'm using Windows 7 bootloader as default.

I tried to add ISOs of Windows and ATIH versions. They worked.

But Ubuntu and Kubuntu ISO's don't boot. They gave kernel panic error, I didn't note the error code. I want to use Ubuntu without install, from LiveCD. I searched google, but couldn't find a solution.

Is the problem about Ubuntu or about my computer configuration or Windows 7 bootloader?

I didn't try NeoGrub or other Linux distros.

What are your suggestions?
Most Linux install CDs are incompatible with the method used by EasyBCD to boot from an ISO image. You could extract the CD to a folder on your drive, and use NeoGrub to boot it though.
I installed neogrub. Could you please explain how the menu.lst has to look like? I extracted the content of Ubuntu CD to my USB Pen Device into folder ubuntu. What to do next? :
 Datenträger in Laufwerk G: ist WIN
 Volumeseriennummer: EAF2-E34C

 Verzeichnis von G:\ububntu

15.05.2010  11:43    <DIR>          .
15.05.2010  11:43    <DIR>          ..
29.04.2010  14:56    <DIR>          .disk
29.04.2010  14:56    <DIR>          casper
29.04.2010  14:55    <DIR>          dists
29.04.2010  14:56    <DIR>          install
29.04.2010  14:56    <DIR>          isolinux
29.04.2010  14:55    <DIR>          pics
29.04.2010  14:55    <DIR>          pool
29.04.2010  14:55    <DIR>          preseed
29.04.2010  14:54               143 autorun.inf
29.04.2010  14:56             4.530 md5sum.txt
29.04.2010  14:55               225 README.diskdefines
29.04.2010  14:56                 0 ubuntu
26.04.2010  19:06         1.469.477 wubi.exe
               5 Datei(en),      1.474.375 Bytes
              10 Verzeichnis(se),  2.772.852.736 Bytes frei
There are a total of 5 entries listed in the bootloader.

Default: Windows Setup
Timeout: 30 seconds.
EasyBCD Boot Device: G:\

Entry #1
Name: Windows Setup
BCD ID: {default}
Device: [boot]\sources\boot.wim
Bootloader Path: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe

Entry #2
Name: Vista
BCD ID: {8036aa31-54fa-11df-bc11-00214f5808b9}
Device: [boot]\vistafiles\sources\boot.wim
Bootloader Path: \Windows\System32\Boot\winload.exe

Entry #3
Name: Paragon Partion
BCD ID: {6f48ee92-54fc-11df-b480-00214f5808b9}
Device: boot
Bootloader Path: \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr

Entry #4
Name: ct Notfall2010
BCD ID: {17b6a8a0-55c0-11df-b17e-00214f5808b9}
Device: [boot]\pe7files\SOURCES\BOOT.WIM
Bootloader Path: \Windows\System32\Boot\winload.exe

Entry #5
Name: NeoGrub Bootloader
BCD ID: {f45d844d-6006-11df-8c7a-00214f5808b9}
Device: boot
Bootloader Path: \NST\NeoGrub.mbr