HOW Can I Boot Into Smart Boot Manager From EasyBCD?


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OK, my situation is i have a laptop which: A. cannot boot from its internal optical drive. B. has no floppy drive, & C. cannot boot from USB from BIOS. I need to have the ability to boot into a pre win32/64 enviro for various reasons, and at the moment and see no way of doing so. My idea is to use this excellant boot manager of yours to give me the option to boot into Smart Boot Manager so i can take advantage of its USB boot functionality etc. etc.. How is this possible - to install SBM & link to it using EBMwithin Vista enviroment???

Any help on this issue will be grately appreciated as im in a right pickle,
Hello Sadist,

Is there a reason why you can't boot from the optical drive? Have you tried updating the BIOS firmware?

What Operating System are you running at the moment?