how can i conect a xp drive after vista installed


Hello i am new here and dont realy know how to start a new post or topik, i need helb doing the following.
I have win vista 64bit installed on one sata drive with only 1 partition a second sata drive also with only one partition for all my data.
I also have a complete winx xp pro instalation on a 3er sata disk with 4 partitions but it is not conected at the time.
now when i want to run win xp i used shut down vista disconect the 2 vista drives and conect the xp drive, restart computer and xp runs normal.
but how can i use easybcd to leave the vista drives conected and chose what operating system i want to use, also the other drives should not apear after boot is that posible.
meaning the vista drives should be hidden when using xp, and the xp drive should be hidden when running vista

thanks for any help
I'm sorry, but I really don't understand what you're trying to say.

If you have an XP drive from another computer, you can't just plug it in and expect it to work, it'll crash when you try to run it.
ok here is what i did, i am using only 1 computer.
I am running win xp on it on 1 sata drive with 4 partitions.
now so i dont lose anything i shut down the computer and diconected my xp drive.
then I conected 2 new sata drives, on the one I installed vista and the second is for my data each of the drives has 250gb and only 1 partition.
so now vista runs because my xp drive is not conected to my motherboard.
but in order to change between vista and xp I need to shut down my computer and disconnect the 2 vista drives and connect the xp drive.
now i figured that mybe with easybcd i could leave all 3 drives connected and not always have to open my computer, maybe by installing bcd while vista is running, then shut down the computer and hook up the xp drive, will it then let me chose what windows i would like to boot, because if i hook up all 3 drives now the computer will not boot at all, i always need to disconect the xp drive to use vista or diconect the 2 vista drives to run xp. by the way my vista 64bit is already activated and a sb version, so i cant install it new.
please help with a step by step explanation thank you
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Don't PM me for help, I'll post with an answer when I have the chance.


OK, read Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Keep the Vista drive as the first and XP as second.
You need to add an XP entry in EasyBCD, then modify boot.ini to and change the rdisk() value to point to the right partition (probably going to be current value + 1).
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Fixed. The link is in EasyBCD in the help menu anyway, you should always read that before posting for support.