How can I extend My c: drive?


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Hi. For whatever reason I formatted my HD so that C is 30GB. It is nearly full with programs and updates. There's a 60GB partition in the HD that's almost empty. Is there a way to capture all or a portion of that partition and move it to C? I want a safe way to extend. As always - thanks for your help.
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What OS (operating system) you running?
If its Vista, you can use Disk Management (accessed by going to the Windows menu, right-clicking on "Computer", selecting "Manage", and then selecting Disk Management) to shrink the 60 GB partition. Just right-click the partition in Disk Management, and hit Resize (or some such name), type in the new size that you want the partition to be, hit Next, and you will gain free space from that partition. And then just resize the other partition, using the free space you gained, and that will be it.

However, keep in mind you can't have one partition blocking the access to the free space needed by the other partition...:wink: You will need to slide over one of the partitions into the free space, so the other partition can access it. The free space needs to be directly following the partition you're trying to extend. There should be a "Move" or other aptly named option in Disk Management, so you can do that, but I don't know for sure, since I never have used it (and I ain't in Windows, now), and I use a third-party software for my partitioning needs.

Anyway, if Disk Management wont meet your needs, you can get the free software Gparted, or some other useful partitioning software (there's several on the Net you can find, just Google "partition tool").

Hope it helps.