How can I repair the corrupt Hyper-V VMDK files?


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Recently I realized that there has been some corrupt VMDK files in the fixed virtual machine disk. I consulted with some experts they recommended to opt for a reliable software solution available online.I have gone through the free trial version of the Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool that was quite impressive as it offers several useful features. However, I am not sure about the reliablity of such utility. Can anyone share his experience regarding this issue? I am quite confuse whether I should opt for such utility or is there any other solution that is more reliable.


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Corrupt VHD disks and possible ways to repair
Run chkdsk on host disk.
Run chkdsk from within vhd (assuming its still opening) – if its a C drive you can attach it direct to another machine (via disk management) so its not in use.
Try HyperV tools for editing a disk.

Sometimes the can appear fine, but you are unable to move / copy them as they are written over a bad sector on the disk and the copy process appears to be working fine but then stalls – often with an error about can’t read.

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Solution 1: Repair using Command Lines
Type cmd in the Search Box, or use Win+R keys and enter cmd to open Command Prompt application.
Navigate to the location where you install VMware.
Type the following command: vmware-vdiskmanager-R"the qualified path to the corrupt VMDK file”
Press Enter.
Solution 2: Repair by restoring VM from backups
Implementing frequent backups in advance has always been the most effective solution to repair any file or system corruption issue. You can use Vinchin Backup & Recovery to setup a complete VMware VM backup plan through a centralized web-based console.