How Can I Transfer Pinball From XP To Vista?


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Ok experts, this is a good one for you. I've read in various places that Pinball works fine in Vista and people talk about transferring it from XP to Vista. The trouble is, no-one explains how to do it. :blank:
Forget's so simple...Copy the Pinball folder over from
XPDrive:\Program Files\Windows NT to anywhere on your Vista drive
Just stick a shortcut to pinball.exe in your Start menu, or on your desktop. On my screen it could use a facelift resolution-wise I noticed, so maybe that was why they didn't include it as it has been around for a long time.
Not longer than minesweeper, solitaire, or god forbid, freecell...

They've all been given EXCELLENT facelifts... :frowning:

I guess they expect us to play Purble Palace instead!