How current is the RE Software?

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Yup, shouldn't be a problem. There's full support for NVMe drives (and GPT).


How current is the Re software, Can it identify a mSata M.2 SSD and fix the bootrec located on that drive?

thats an good question daniel !

Is the Easy Recovery Essential Software Up2date for 2020 ( Bootable CD Version ) - and Ready for The Newest Windows Version Like:

From -
Windows 10 1903 - 1909 To -
20H1 Version 2004 Build v19041.84 ?

Compatible for Repairs ?

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Well, I did purchase it (downloaded the ISO file and burned it to a CD disk), but I could not get the disk to boot up. So, I burned the disk a second time and same result, would not boot up. So, the bottom line is that for me, it turned out to be a waste of money. If it had booted up, it might have done a repair, but I'm not optimistic about that occuring.


answer awaiting mqudsi ^^.

I'm sorry to have to say, but this and it seems to be very suspicious afterwards that the development of this repair software somehow comes to a standstill or rather stumbles.
One thing is 100% certain;

If this continues, and as before and this negative form of "Please contact me only by e-mail" is a plain non-tolerant way of everyone.
Not everyone will be satisfied with such a dismissive preference.
Do not get it wrong, and I think you have known it for years (I strongly suspect) that this can only be done at a expense if a development is simply pushed into the corner as a bread receipt as non-observing.
as I said; don't get it wrong, but it is a fact that nothing more up to date than the Easy Recovery Essentials for the 1800s Windows version and largely below is suitable. What is the rest of the world up to date?
And people, we are talking about those who have no idea how to repair a computer and yet, with the "confidential certainty" of the companies, accept the acceptance without a care.
I ask you in good conscience, do something, otherwise your customers will jump with the greatest certainty.
We all don't want that.
I. We, you not!

Sincerely yours !


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These ISO's aren't full system ones due to Microsoft rules. If one doesn't work then seek a refund.
For startup errors run the disk 2-4 times as it only can fix 1 problem each run.
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