How Did You Convert Your Password?

Which method did you use to convert your password?

  • The "forgot password" form

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  • Entered my old username & password (PasswordReset.php)

    Votes: 5 83.3%
  • I'm new here. Hi! :)

    Votes: 1 16.7%

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Mostly Harmless
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Just wondering what method you guys chose to recover/reset your passwords with the migration to vB.
I used your little script you created. After trying to login i just used the reset password script and was able to log in easily. Great Job CG!
Thanks Mak.

I'll probably publish it so others switching to vB can use it as well - that is if there are no issues and it works for everyone.

The guys at vB suggested I just have members use the "reset password" email feature, but I personally hate getting email that's just a link to a site; plus I know for a fact some people registered with non-existent email accounts, so I figured I'd write that script before going live with the site.
I used PasswordReset.php of course, it was so easy - took me about 2 secs to be on the board :grinning: Well done! I think others will like it too.

Oh yeah, much better than using email, much faster!

btw. why do I see just about ~7 threads in Water Cooler? Here should be more?!
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You only see 7 threads cause the cut off date is the past month. The other topics are older than that and the forum default is only for 1 month. That is unless CG changes it of course. Till then you will have to either change it by UserCP or by the selection at the bottom of the forum index.