how do I backup/copy/paste files from within ER/Essentials browser

I have successfully made an ER/Essentials USB boot disk for my Vista laptop. Although the repair function has not been able to repair/replace damaged system files (won't even start in Safe Mode) I can clearly see and browse all my files within the ER/Essentials file browser interface.
How do I copy these from within the ER/Essentials file browser interface to a USB stick?

I have a blank formatted one inserted but it doesn't show up in the ER/Essentials My Computer section.

Can anyone help with this?
David in London


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Er/Essentials support is all by email as per THIS post, however, as the product page points out "These discs do not contain setup files, and cannot be used to install Windows. Please note that we cannot guarantee these CDs will fix your PC." so if Windows is corrupted it's unlikely that EasyRE will help. The discs are really designed to help an unbootable system. I assume you don't have your original Vista installation media.
I can give you a link to my Cloud-stored Vista w/SP2 ISO if you wish and you can make a bootable DVD or Flash drive with that. However I don't wish to publish the link in public so would send it to you either via private message or email if you want to post a disguised version of it as in abc AT xyz DOT com. Either I or you can edit it out afterwards. I would need to know whether it's x86 (32-bit) or x64.