How Do I Bypass The Windows Boot Manager Screen?


I recently did a fresh Install of Windows Vista Ultimate & when I
boot up the computer I get the Windows Boot Manager Screen
showing my Vista OS. How do I bypass this annoyance to get
Vista to boot directly to the desktop? I have only one partition
& one OS installed so I don't understand why the Boot Manager
displays every time :huh::huh:

Much appreciate the help..... thank you much!

Download and isntall EasyBCD. From there remove any entry that is not related to your current install. The save the settings and it should then bypass the Boot Manager screen.

Hi Saully, If you've got EasyBCD installed, delete any spurious Vista entries in the BCD, or if your default system (the one that boots if you make no choice) is correctly booting, you can just change timeout to 0 and the menu won't be presented.
Or you can even do it without EasyBCD through control panel/system/advanced/startup

Welcome to NST btw
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Hi Mak,
There is only one entry on the Boot manager screen (Vista), wont I
have trouble booting into my sysyem if I delete that only entry?

If there is only 1 entry then the boot manager screen should not show up. Change the default time to 5 seconds or something short like that till Mahmoud can come by and figure out why with 1 entry your boot loader is showing up.

The timeout for 1 entry shouldn't be a problem, as bootmgr should immediately start Windows if there is only one entry. You most likely have the displaybootmenu property set to Yes. To disable it, open an administrator command prompt and use:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu No

Just to make sure the timeout isn't an issue, set it to 5 seconds or so if the above command didn't correct the problem:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} timeout 5
Saully, EasyBCD may show entries that don't appear in the boot menu. You need to check how many entries are listed in EasyBCD.
I too am having this same problem. My boot manager screen only shows Windows Vista and that's the only OS I've ever had in stalled on this laptop. It used to boot straight to the Windows account selection screen but for some reason started booting to the Boot Manager screen. I just want to it to go straight to account selection.

I've loaded and tried EasyBCD and also tried typing in the above command at a DOS prompt but so far nothing has worked. EasyBCD does not appear to show anything, from what I can tell, that is wrong with the boot sequence.

Any ideas?
Looks like your PC is booting from the wrong drive, or EasyBCD is seeing a different boot partition from the one that your PC boots from on.