How do I delete XP Setup from boot option with Windows 7?

Well basically I was trying to reinstall XP but it failed and now the default boot option is XP setup but it always crashes. I installed Windows 7 and it work fine. Now I would just like to get rid of the XP Setup boot option. I've tried using the EasyBCD program but when I hit Tools>Edit Legacy Entries I get an error saying:

"Boot.ini is located on the hidden boot partition and cannot be loaded for user editing by EasyBCD.
Please either assign a drive letter to the hidden boot partition or use the Windows XP dual-boot-configuration feature instead."

If I can get some help with this nightmare I would greatly appreciate it! Help me get rid of this annoying nightmare please. :rage:

P.S. The XP setup option is nowhere to be found neither through EasyBCD nor bcdedit in the CMD.
"Edit boot menu"
Just delete any entries you don't want and tick the default box for the one you prefer.
edit legacy entries is a layer deeper, for changing the content of boot.ini for an entry you want to keep.
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Hi Terry and thank you for responding. The "XP Professional Setup" boot option does NOT show up in the "Edit Boot Menu." The only options I have are "Earlier Version of Windows" and "Windows 7" which is set as default even though when the boot up screen comes up the XP Setup option is default. Any advice? Thanks again.
Are you saying you have multiple XPs ?
The "earlier version" is how a W7 auto dual-boot refers to XP.
If you have no XP, delete that entry.
If the OSs are on separate HDDs, make sure the correct one is first in the BIOS boot sequence in case you're picking up the wrong boot sector.
If you still have problems post a Disk Management screenshot and the EasyBCD "view settings" (detailed) contents. (details in the sticky if needed)
Ok I deleted the "earlier version of Windows" but when I restarted I still have the "XP Professional Setup" boot option there and set as default as well. This laptop only has one hard-drive as well. The boot option "XP Professional Setup" appears nowhere. I constantly have to wait through the boot process to hit the arrow buton up in order to boot with Windows 7. Attached is the screenshot of both the Disk Management and the EasyBCD.


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"backup" is the location of the W7 boot files. ("system" tells you so - "boot" means "this is the running system", perversely)
Presumably that's where you tried to install XP and you left it "active" when you installed W7.
W7 will always put its boot files in the active drive, and dual-boot any Windows OS it finds there.
I suggest you use EasyBCD to copy the boot files into C and sort it out from there.
Thanks Terry. I just booted from the Windows 7 disc, deleted all the partitions except the Recovery one and started the installation from scratch. This solved the problem. I appreciate the help though.