How do I install additional OS?

I just purchased EasyBCD.
I run Windows 8.1.
I have a PC with two hard drive.
I would like to install Windows 2008 Server for which I have the installation DVD on the second hard drive.
In EasyBCD 2.2, I clicked the "Add New Entry" button and created an entry for Type = Windows Vista/7/8, Name = Win 2008 Server, Drive = D:\.
To complete the process, I clicked the Add Entry button.
Under Edit Boot Menu, there are two entries listed, a) Windows 8.1, which is the Default and b) Win 2008 Server.

I think I'm all set.

What is the next step in installing my new OS?
Do I simply boot off Win2k8 installation DVD and designate drive D: for installation?
And then, on reboot, EasyBCD friendly menu will come up to let me choose between the two OSs?

Having glanced at some of the posts, I made a backup of EasyBCD settings on my C: drive. Is that OK?

Best / Roger Breton


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
EasyBCD is used after installing a new OS, not before. Depending on whether or not Windows Server setup detects your existing installation, you may not even need to use EasyBCD at all.