how do i install xp oem from an ISO file?

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I have downloaded xp pro OEM as a .iso file and now i dont know what to do with it!

when i burn it on a cd using nero, creating a boot cd then i put it into the laptop and it comes up with dr-dos. i have no idea about dos prompts and know that typically when you insert a cd it just works and allows you to setup or install.

can anyone please offer simple suggestions and if i need to download any software, can you recommend free or trial software!

i need full instructions please, from what i do with the .iso file and creating a cd that will work from boot up to the general "your installing xp..."


I have managed to put all data on a cd to install windows xp oem but when i put it in the laptop and boot i get dr-dos and i dont know what to do next.

can anyone help?


ok so i read somewhere if i change it to the d:\ then do i386\winnt.exe it will start BUT it said there was an internal error and could not do a setup? :frowning:
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There is no legal download of XP OEM anywhere that i know of. Considering each OEM Manufacturer uses their own OEM CD.

Sorry but NeoSmart Technologies doesnt support piracy.

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