How do I know which 32 or 64 bit?


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How do I know which to order? The 32 or 63 bit version of the Windows 7 recovery disks? My laptop is frozen at the opening Windows 7 page after updating Windows.
If you're getting that far, it's not the boot that's broken, it's deeper in the OS and the repair disk won't help.
If this happened as a result of a WUD you can get free one-to-one assistance from Microsoft.
Follow the links from the WUD "update history" page and you'll find a MS email address to write to.
Try booting with any "live" cd that will allow you to view the filesystem, if the system drive contains both "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" then you need the 64 bit recovery disc. If it only contains "Program Files" you need the 32 bit recovery disc.
I hope this helps you out.
Anyone with this problem can go ahead and buy the 32 bit CD. If it's not what they need, they can reply to their download email to get a free exchange for the 64-bit one.