How do I reload Win 7?

I've just goofed up. I had a spare 320Gb HD lying around. I wanted to load Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I went through the normal procedure - set the BIOS to boot from CD, inserted the Win 7 CD & restarted. I was greeted with a "BOOTMGR" not present message. I then compounded the problem by hooking up the 320 HD to another computer & re-formatted the 320 gb HD. I then re-installed the 320 gb hd into the new comp & tried to load Win 7. Once again I keep getting the "BOOTMGR" not found.
Can someone please give me a hand.
Thanks in advance.
Hi JohnApthorp,
i do not understand you right.

You do shure that you boot from CD?
Have you "self created" this Ultimate CD?
If on the CD a NTLDR on the cd root, rename this NTLDR to boot.mgr or copy this NTLDR as bootmgr in the same cd root.
Remember please:
The CD is not a USB stick.
For the Visa-Versa-working, make general one NTLDR and one bootmgr in the Root of CD and USB stick.

Greetings from Germany,


Edit boot.mgr to bootmgr
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Hi Struppi,
Thanks for trying. I have tried to load Win XP, Win Vista & Win 7 but all I get is:

boot from CD/DVD: CDBOOT: cannot boot from CD - Code : 5
BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+del to restart

I have done a complete format on this hard drive, run scandisk but still no luck.
I think a small tap with a big hammer may help. At the moment I'm completely lost.
Help - anyone :smile:
When you put the spare HDD in, did you recable the CD-ROM ?
If so, did you remember to re-jumper the master/slave status of the drive ?
Check these items
Hi JohnApthorp,
is your CD like my CD (Win 7 x64 Ultimate)?
This was make fastet from me only for this situation about bootmgr and NTLDR

You see a original MS Windows 7 x64 Ultimate CD, modification is for working with USB stick and CD.

If you start up your Computer with a booting-CD or Booting USB-stick and with the boot session "FIRST BOOT FROM USB OR CD", then the computer see the bootmgr or the NTLDR, what he need and the Restore/Repair or new OS-Installing can begin.

Greetings from Germany,