How do I remove dual boot menu from Windows 8.1

I had Windows 7 on an SSD and when Windows 8 preview came out I put it on another SSD and used EasyBCD ( an older version ) to make a dual boot menu.

During the intervening time, I have updated to Windows 8 then to Windows 8.1.

I keep the Windows 7 SSD completely disconnected any more and haven't used Windows 7 for months now.

I would like to remove the dual boot menu and boot directly into Windows 8.1

What do I need to do?

I have installed the latest Easy BCD ver but I'm leery of removing entries without specific instructions on what to remove when and how :smile:



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Just "edit boot menu" and delete the W7 entry, or you can do it directly from inside W8 using msconfig > boot tab
Delete the W7 entry in there (it won't let you delete the default entry, which I assume you have set to W8)
OK, I did that awhile ago and when I rebooted I < still > got a black screen with the choice of Windows 8.1 ( and a doorway to other options ) and had to hit enter to continue.

So I remembered seeing a thing that said " skip boot menu " so I went into Easy BCD and checked that and rebooted and VOILA!! it now goes straight to Metro mode with no keypresses required.
Which enables an unattended boot up.

I suspect I could have left the Boot Menu entries and just checked < skip boot menu > and it would have worked just fine.

But, if I have to go looking on the old Windows 7 SSD drive for something, which I doubt after all this time, I will just plug that drive in and unplug the Windows 8 drive and it will / should boot right into Windows 7.

The dual boot was great while trying out Windows 8 and until I was sure I had everything I needed transferred to the new drive but it is just a pain in the keister now that I'm not going into Windows 7 at all anymore.

Thanks for the tip.