How do I swap drives


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I have easyBCD working perfectly with XP and Win 7 on two separate harddrives, thanks to Terry60. I added a second HDD when I installed Win 7.

When running Win 7, drive (0), I want to point at and run programs that are on the XP drive, drive (1). I have problems when the XP program(s) have settings or defaults that want to point to drive C: (Win 7 is drive c : ( I will not be in XP and want to point to any Win 7 files/programs for any reason that I can think of.)

How do I set this up to use easyBCD and a cable swap if required to always have the physical XP drive as drive c: whether I am running in XP or Win 7 ? Win 7 can be any other drive letter, but XP must always be C: I am stumped and I haven't even tried anything.


Hi Fuzzy, welcome to NST.
You can only run an app on the system on which you installed it unless the app is designed with portability in mind (Maxthon and Opera browsers e.g.), or if the app is so old that it doesn't use the registry (which amounts to the same thing, but by virtue of antiquity rather than design).
Any app which stores any information necessary for execution in the registry (that's probably 99% of them) will need to be installed again on every system you want to run it on.
Partition letters are an internal construct of the running system. Two systems have no reason to agree about what letter is attached to which partition. What one system thinks, has absolutely no effect on another.
Once you've installed a new OS, the letter it thinks of itself as (probably C: the default for a new install) is set in stone. You cannot change it to be a different letter (well you can, but the system will stop working)