How do you convert a partition to primary first?

I just received this message while using EasyBCD

"The boot partition must be a primary partition"

"Please either select a different drive or convert the selected partition to primary first, then try again"

How do i get past this?


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What are you trying to do ?
Changing the Boot Partition - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki ?
If so, the restriction is part of the Microsoft boot architecture.
Only primary partitions can be active, and the MBR searches for the active partition to begin the boot process.
The OS can be loaded from a logical drive, but the boot files that do the loading must be in a primary.
If you want the boot files to be with the OS, then you must install the OS in a primary, or use a Partition Manager to reconfigure your HDD.
EasyBCD is not a partition manager. It can't convert your HDD.
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