How does this look


Dual boot to triple boot
attached is my hard drive configuration.

the drives order also represents the plug sequence in the mobo 0-3 of 0-5

would like to install 7x64 on G: drive

do you for-see any issues? I'm guessing that there will be no need for EasyBCD but Ive been wrong before



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Some things to consider.
Install W7 to a pre-formatted partition if you want to control where the boot files end up.
Installation to unformatted empty space triggers W7 to hide its boot files in an unlettered extra partition of its own devising, or worse still, randomly on one of your other partitions.

Install to the W7 to the new disk with the others disconnected and your current boot will be protected.

If you subsequently add an entry for W7 to the Vista BCD, it might have a problem (seeing W7 bootloader as unsigned). The workaround is to put W7 top of the BIOS boot sequence, and add entries for the other OSs to the W7 BCD. (Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build)