How hard is it to make a triple book Vista/W7/Ubuntu


I was wondering how is it to setup a triple book on my notebook, I played around with newest Ubuntu 9.10 and I kinda like it. But i don;t wanna stop using Vista/W7.

Vista 32 was installed first and week and abit ago I installed W7 32bit also, not wanna add Newest Ubuntu so i can select which I wanna book into and etc... Not to familiar with Ubuntu but seems cool. Thx.:smile:
Hi Simpyd, welcome to NST
Create some space at the end of the last partition with "shrink" from Vista or W7 (like you presumably already did to put W7 on with Vista)
Boot the Ubuntu CD, Install to the empty space you created, make sure that you use the "advanced" button when defining the bootloader and make sure that grub installs into the Linux partition boot sector not to the MBR.
When the install has finished, boot one of your Windows systems (there won't be an Ubuntu option in the menu yet), Install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7. That's too old to contain the support you need)
Go to "add/remove entries" Linux tab , select Grub2 in the "type" dropdown, change the name in the "name" field if you want to, then click "add entry".
You should then have a working triple boot.
Easiest thing would be to install Ubuntu using wubi installer, which installs ubuntu right within windows, as any other program. (you can uninstall it any time you don't feel comfortable with). Run wubi within Windows 7. It should automatically configure boot options, otherwise use EayBCD 2.0 to add to the bbotloader.