How restore the easyBCD actions???


hi to all,

i have installed easyBCD and modify order of boot of my 3 OS xp win7 and Linux.
Now want to reset all the modify it to restore xp and win7??

what files easybcd modify in xp and win7???

To revert you will need to do so manually if you have not created a BCD backup to restore from.
"Edit boot menu" and put them in any order you like.
It doesn't touch the other systems, just alters the sequence in the BCD.
why easybcd tell me that i don't have windows 7 on my hardisk?

i have win7 on a partition of my hdd...and if i go to "BCD Deployment", click on "Install BCD" choose win7 partition and tell me "this option is only available on Vista, 7 and 8"

WHY?? how can i solve this?

It's not telling you that you don't have Windows 7 on your hard disk, it's telling you that you're not running Windows 7 when you're trying to do that.
I think it would help if you told us what situation you are in which you don't want, and what you are trying to change it to.
I notice you are using advanced options of EasyBCD without being fully aware of what they do.
That is similar to randomly changing values in your registry using regedit, not a good idea.
Asking for advice before using EasyBCD is very much to your advantage if you are unfamiliar with the Vista/7/8 bootmgr and not sure exactly what you are doing.