How to add a second copy of windows 7


Hi, Currently my system boots default into win 7 on C, with an option for xp on D and ubuntu on E. Because the C partition was getting cramped, I copied the partition to a larger one on the same drive - it is called J. I wanted to use easybcd to add booting from the J drive as an option, but I don't see that as a possibility on the menu. I can add NT/XP, 98, or Vista/Longhorn as windows options, but not windows 7. How do I proceed? I want to do this so I can upgrade my RC before time runs out.
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That is what I am using. easybcd 2.0 beta. The options on the add entry for windows type do not include windows 7. The closest I get is Windows Vista/Longhorn, as mentioned earlier.
Which build ? always use the latest available.
The latest builds say Vista/7
btw W7 and Vista are both Longhorn versions.
It definitely does say Windows 7... Where are you looking?

I have build 62. I am looking where you are showing. In the first location it says Windows Vista/Longhorn. I will get the new build and try again. Thanks.