How to add backup of Win 7 vhd file to boot menu?


Half year ago a installed Windows 7 on vhd file (my default OS is Windows XP). Now I have to reinstall XP but don't know how to add this vhd with 7 to bootmanager after fresh installation.

Do I have to backup any "boot files" from 7 when I want do reinstall XP and restore bootmanager with available XP and 7?
There's one problem. I copied folder "Boot" from "C:\Windows\" (Windows 7) to "C:\Windows\" (Windows XP). After this step EasyBCD didn't give me any note about problem with "the Vista bootloader isn't installed!". Isn't it problem I copied folder "Boot" from OS installed on VHD?

What about adding VHD by this option:

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