How to add OpenELEC entry? - Win10 (int. drive) + OpenELEC (USB drive) dual boot

I have a brand-new Broadwell NUC with Windows 10 (Preview) installed into its M.2 drive. I've connected a USB3 flash drive to the NUC which has OpenELEC installed (meaning portable OpenELEC, not OpenELEC installer). I don't like NUC's boot manager (you have to press F10 on every boot and select either of the two OSs from an ugly menu that has also the other partions that Windows installation created as options). I heard good things about EasyBCD so I installed it to Windows 10.

The problem is that I cannot figure out how to get the USB-OpenELEC entry to work as I only get WIndows 10 when the boot menu appears after boot. The partion I boot to via NUC's boot manager, UEFI: USB: Sandisk Extreme 0001: PART 0: OS Boot loader, was listed as a menu entry in EasyBCD but, as mentioned, only Windows 10 appears in the EasyBCD boot menu. The USB Drive is named "System" when looking at Windows' file manager.

Any ideas?


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I'm afraid MS won't let Windows boot with any "foreign" system on a UEFI PC.
EasyBCD can't circumvent the restriction.
The only route to dual booting Linux and Windows together on a UEFI PC is to let Linux take control and use it to chain the W10 bootmgr.
That's too bad. I am able to boot to the OpenELEC UEFI installation on my USB drive via Windows' Advanced Options menu (to which you get via Shift+Restart) but I guess that's not the same thing. I guess I just have to boot to OpenELEC via my PC's native boot manager then (pressing FN+F10 at every boot).