How to avoid the appearance of Windows Start Manager


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Easy BCD was recently installed for making accessible Ubuntu 10.10 that is in a partition in the hard disk drive of my laptop. I followed the instructions of Easy BCD for getting Ubuntu again. I managed to access to Ubuntu but while booting the screen shown in the attachment 1 appears. How can I avoid the appearance of this screen, in oder to get the "normal" multi booting screen shown in the Attachment 2?
Thanks a lot in advance for your support!
( I confess that I am not a specialist und I have problems to understand the "IT Chinese"!):grinning:


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Well the image on the left is the Windows BCD which EasyBCD controls. Is that the one you want to keep? If so just follow the instructions on the Ubuntu Wiki page to remove the GRUB Timeout.

Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Step 4 and beyond in the Add Ubuntu to Windows Boot loader Section.