How to boot from USB

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Hi, I just bought and downloaded Neosmart's Recovery Disk and burnt it onto my USB. How do I now boot the PC from the USB?

I have already tried entering BIOS settings and choosing all the different booting options. They don't seem to work :/


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In the boot sequence you need to ensure that your portable device CD/DVD or USB is placed before HDD and that the portable medium is in the tray (or plugged in) before you hit power up.
Not 100% sure, but I'd bet that using a native USB socket (not a remote hub) is also necessary.


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Downloaded the EasyRE for Windows 10. iso from the link mailed to me. Downloaded the USB creator Easy USB Creator Lite.exe
Inserted SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 32 GB istart.PNGrunning.PNGend.PNGto the usb port (front of machine)
Started,USB creator and it FAILED!!
message says: "Unable to write boot code to drive, please check to make sure the drive isn't currently in use and try again"
Retrided several times ..

so help m pleasde!


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