How to change boot drive using EasyBCD 2.0?


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Hello, All!

How to change the boot drive using Easy BCD? Actually I've Windows 7 Ultimate and its location is drive C: but it boots from drive D:, so I want that boot files of Windows 7 should be in drive C: where it's originally located. So how can I do that. I've attached the picture of what Easy BCD has given to me.


I had Windows 7 in Drive C: and Windows XP in Drive D:, so I deleted Windows XP using Windows 7 and used the method of deleting files one by one. Now my D: after removing XP isn't been formatting and error comes as Windows is unable to format the drive. So I asked the question from a Microsoft Forum and they said that your boot file is actaully is in Drive D:, so that's why Windows cannot format the Drive. So try to change your boot file from D: to C:. Now I've chosen Easy BCD and I don't know how to do this? You please tell me how can I do this by secure method and my Windows and other files and partition should not be deleted.

Regards and hope for the perfect solution.