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How do you post a new topic?
Well you've come to the right place! On the main page where individual categories are displayed (EasyBCD Support, The Water Cooler, etc) click the appropriate category you wish to post in. This should display a list of the categories' existing topics. Above the first topic listed there will be a "New Thread" button. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to compose your new topic.

Since you're here, the following links will take you directly to the appropriate new topic page for the category you wish to post in.

Ideas and Wishlists - Is there a program you want to see made? A paid-program you would rather be free? A whitepaper on a certain topic?? Post away!

BugCentral - Look up existing bugs, find & suggest work-arounds, or submit bugs for analysis. This category is only for reporting bugs in NeoSmart software.

EasyBCD Support - Forum for dual-booting and other EasyBCD-related issues. (EasyBCD Documentation)

Other NeoSmart-Related Support - Support and technical questions regarding other NeoSmart Technologies products and services.

Windows Support - Give help and get help in our famed Windows Support center. If it's Windows, it goes here.

General PC Help Center - Stuff that's not Windows-related goes here. Linux and Mac help, programming, cross-platform software and more.

Hardware and Stuff - If your motherboard or cell phone is on the fritz, this is the place to be!

The Water Cooler - Tips, advice, news, tech discussions, & real life (if you have time for it); this is where it goes. (This topic's category)
You may also want to read the FAQ for other forum related usage topics.
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