How to disable parental control software


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My mon is too paranoid .Earlier tonight she installed this parental control software thing on my computer along with a keylogger on BOTH my pc and mac laptop. She actually blocked all Internet access , and this made me mad. She wants me to use windows 7 when mynvidia drive crashes every 10 minutes so I can't play games and all I can do on XP is play battlefiel 2142. My main question is why would my mom do this? And should I do something or just accept it? Anyone know how to uninstall the dame software?I have tried but failed
Sorry but we cant help you remove the software. A parent put the software on and they have to remove it. Parents do things for whatever reason they see fit. Being a parent i can say that when my child comes of age, i will be making sure she cant do anything without me knowing about it as well. There is way to much bad stuff on the internet to let kids go at it unattended until they learn how to respect the internet and the trouble you can get into on it.

So you just have to listen to what your mom says and maybe if you are good, she might give you some freedom back on the computer.