How to Dual Boot when Downloading XP



Ive seen lots of guides about creating a dual boot system when you have the XP CD but I can download XP from my College IT Services straight onto my laptop without the need for any CDs.

Any ideas how I'd go about making a dual boot system from there, without a CD to boot from?

Thanks for your time!
You could try mounting the iso archive as well using tools such as virtural clonedrive and attempting to install it from within your current OS selecting a different partition for the installation seeing as you don't want to create a CD according to your post, but I doubt that'll work (didn't work with server 08 anyway). Your best bet is burning a CD as Alex suggests.
Okay thanks for that. I dont mind having to burn XP onto a disk.

I've a relatively new HP laptop with Vista pre-installed obviously but was just wandering how the DUAL BOOT works and if XP is compatible with my laptop. Will I be given the option which OS i want to use on every start up?

Also what guide is the best to follow when it comes to simplifying the whole operation?

Thanks again.
XP's as compatiable as there are drivers for your hardware. With a lot of these newer models, OEM's are not including XP drivers making it harder to get everything working.
This is about as comprehensive as you'll find in blow by blow dual booting instructions.
I used the XP after Vista version as a guide, one part of which was "Get EasyBCD", which is how I ended up here.