how to dual boot Win 7 and Snow Leopard?


I have been searching forever on how to get this done but cannot find any guides or one that works. I have two hard drives in a Raid 0 array with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard is installed on a USB hard drive.

I can boot Snow leopard by doing F12 to select the Boot drive but no matter what i try i cannot get EasyBCD to add an option to the Win 7 boot. I either get a grubdos screen or nothing happens. Can anyone tell me how I can get this done?


Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P

9800 GTX+

4GB Ram
RAID 0 isn't supported by the GRUB chainloader that EasyBCD currently uses to get OS X running.
It works. I used beta 68 and added macos as mbr and it worked without configuring anything. Mac OS X is on a USB hard drive and Windows 7 is on a raid 0 array. It wasn't working before but this time I had an edited and it worked perfect.
From what I've read, you need to load your Windows 7 installation disc and select "Repair", not "Install". Hopefully, this will repair the bootloader file so that Windows 7 will boot up. If it cannot, then are you prepared to re-install Windows 7?

Anyway, if the repair works, then once it is completed, it will not recognize your Apple OS. So you then need to add an entry in EasyBCD for the Mac OS. It will add an entry into your C:\NST folder. If you reboot, and it gives you an error indicating that file "XXX" is missing or corrupt, then please note the file name. Once you boot into Windows 7, go to the C:\NST folder and rename that file.

It worked for me and it worked for at least one other person in this forum. Good luck.