How to get 7 vhd?


First of all thanks for creating such a great application.
How to get 7 vhd?

Using windows 7 backup feature or
Suppose i have created a backup of 7 using acronis trueimage and then converted that backup to vhd format ?
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It should work. I've heard of people that have done that before, though I don't know what your end goal is. Are you planning on running it in a virtual machine or booting from it on your actual PC with EasyBCD?
OK, well give the Acronis True Image way a shot. Just create the VHD with TI, then use EasyBCD to locate and add that VHD to the menu.
Might need to boot it up as a virtual machine first to install any additional drivers the system may need.
I have first created my backup after installing all my drivers and then converted it to vhd using acronis.

can you tell me which virtual machine?
Microsoft Virtual pc ?
According to Acronis:
"You can boot from the VHD file provided that it has Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise and was created on the same machine"