How to get a clean uninstall of EasyBCD


Your program works great, but now I want to remove it. How do I get the text removed from the boot sequence? Meaning to say, when I boot up my computer see a lot of text put into the boot sequence by EasyBCD. Even after a clean Vista install and flashing the BIOS the text is still there.

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Hi Gnostradamus, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'm not sure what text you're referring to - can you tell us what you see?

EasyBCD does not install itself to the bootloader, rather it uses the already-installed Windows Vista Bootloader, so I'm not sure what you're seeing. :smile:

Thanks for your reply. The text flashes by quite quickly, I can make out : REBOOTING GDLR ....
So I don't know, but isn't that something to do with GRUB?

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That sounds like a GRUB thing. Which isnt releated to EasyBCD since that isntalls NeoGRUB. Which is totally different. So it sounds like you did a Linux install and the GRUB entries are still there.


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Yep. While EasyBCD does have an implementation of GRUB called NeoGrub, it does not touch the bootloader and rather gets called by the Vista bootloader if you add a NeoGrub entry.

However, you wouldn't see it at startup without actually selecting this NeoGrub entry from the Vista boot menu.

You should use the Vista DVD to reinstall the MBR:
Bootsect.exe Modifies the Bootsector Not the MBR!! at The NeoSmart Files