How to get back to pre-EasyBCD state?


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I was running a dual-boot Windows 7/Linux installation. I had set up EasyBCD to display the Windows boot manager giving me the choice of booting WIndows or Linux. I decided to get rid of Linux and put my system back to the way it was before. I deleted all Linux partitions. I uninstalled EasyBCD from the WIndows Control panel. I used the Windows installation disk to run Startup Recovery and I've tried the following commands from a WIndows Command Prompt run from the Windows installation disk:


The problem - none of these actions have any effect on getting rid of the Windows boot manager menu on startup. The boot menu appears and still gives me the option of starting Windows or Linux (which is no longer is installed).

How to I revert the WIndows bootmgr/BCD back to the state it was in before I installed EasyBCD?
Type "cmd" into the start menu, right click, and choose "Run as Administrator". Type in "bcdedit" followed by enter. Post the details here.
Reinstall EasyBCD.

Go to add/remove entries -> click the linux entry -> click delete
Uninstall EasyBCD