How to get more than 6 entries in BCD menu?


There appears to be a limitation of 6 entries that will show in the BCD menu even though more can be created in EasyBCD. I can see a higher entry by promoting it with the "move up" feature, but I wonder if there is a way to increase the number of entries showing in the BCD menu.

Probably 6 is plenty for most users, but I have a lot of utility ISOs I'd like to be able to boot to.
I ran into this a while back. I only have six entries right now but I believe all you do is continuously arrow down. The OS boot options are there but only six are displayed initially. But you can get to all the rest.
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Yes, you are right. All you do is scroll down with the down-arrow key and the rest of the entries appear. I'm a dunce! Why didn't I try that? Thank you for pointing it out.
You’re not a dunce. I don’t believe it’s documented anywhere at least that I have found. It is one of those things I stumbled over.

Also note that it probably makes sense to have the OS’s that you use the most often be listed first.

Also not that many people actually get to having seven Os’s installed on one system, so I’m sure doesn’t come up all that often.