How to get rid of Grub

I should Have said HOW DO I GET RID of grub
hello all helpful people..
i installed ubuntu on my vista laptop cos my bro said it was good. I never used it and wanted the disk space so i deleted the ubuntu partition using computer disk manager.

the problem is that when i turn on the computer the grub starts to come up then says error 22 then thats it.

I read somewhere that a recovery cd would help.
first of all
I have downloaded easyBCD 1.7.2.exe on a mac, I have some blank dvds
how do i get this into my pc?
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Well... the Ubuntu partition that was deleted was probably the boot partition as well. If you have the orginal Vista install media, boot to it and use Vista's startup repair option (if the repair proccess doesn't fix it for you) to make Vista bootable again.
Thanks to both of those replies.

Heres what i did.
Downloaded recovery....iso
using mac: selected open with disk utility.
dont click anything in disk utility apart from burn
then add image
then insert blank disk
the iso should work properly now

on my vista laptop:
select boot priority by pressing f2 at start
move cd drive to the no1 boot slot
then save and exit
insert dvd with iso on it
laptop restarted and then said 'press any key to boot from dvd'
then did
ihad to do till step 3 and it worked fine (so far :smile:)

hope this will be helpful to someone else.

by the way before someone starts steaming, there was nothing wrong with ubuntu, i just never used it and needed the 20Gb back for some new programs.

cheers again