how to get rid of windows 7 boot screen?

As it says in the title, how do you do this?

I get a ''choose your OS'' startup screen, offering to let me choose win7 or previous versions. I don't want this, I just want it to boot into win7 straight away.

I have tried command prompt: bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu no
It says "changes complete!" etc, but in reality has no effect

I have tried EasyBCD 'skip boot screen' check box, again, no effect.

I followed advice online and clicked the 'reset BCD' as per the instructions, and created the BCD from scratch, but now the OS won't load and there doesn't seem to be an option to restore the bcd, because you need to boot into windows to start easy BCD to click 'restore', but windows obviously wont load. :S I'm now typing from a different computer.

Why is it so hard to disable the windows 7 boot screen and just have a computer start up into windows? Things used to be so much easier back in the days of DOS and Windows 3.11. :booyah:

I'm currently restoring the computer from a backup image. Assuming I manage to get it up and running again in a few minutes...

I would like to disable the windows 7 boot manager, advice deeply appreciated! There surely must be a way to achieve this. Thanks
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You cannot disable the boot manager, but I assume you just want to suppress the menu from appearing as it boots.
Having only one entry in the BCD (i.e. no choice to make) will automatically suppress the menu if the BCD isn't corrupted in some way. Ticking the "skip" box will normally overcome minor BCD problems if the menu still appears, but if that isn't effective, using EasyBCD to rebuild the BCD from scratch will set everything straight.
But heed the warning EasyBCD gives you if you try to reboot without putting an entry back in the BCD.
You cannot empty the BCD and expect the boot manager to be able to find your OS without a map to guide it, the PC will be unbootable.
When you've rebuilt the BCD you must add an entry for W7 before you reboot.
At that point clause 1 (above) applies and the boot manager won't trouble you with a menu.
You didn't need to restore the whole OS if you mistakenly emptied the BCD
Recovering the Windows Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
will suffice.
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