How to get set up?


I have a system that is now operating well with XP and OpenSuSE Linux. I currently boot through grub in the MBR. I want to install Vista, and use EasyBCD to manage the boot. What is the best way for me to proceed?
Hey wmeyer, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

You have two options:

1) Install Vista then copy over your menu.lst to the neogrub configuration file from EasyBCD.
2) Install Vista, install GRUB to the bootsector (NOT the mbr), and then auto-configure a linux boot with EasyBCD.

Both are amazingly easy, though i think [1] might be a tad less complicated. Just email yourself a copy of grub.conf / menu.lst, and install Vista. We'll guide you through the rest!
My view is, load XP, create a partition your self for vista (If you haven't got a HDD/Partition ready)

Install Vista, then load EBCD and configure it as CG said, this seems to be the best option.