how to get w7 dual boot on w8?

I had working w8 on a 1TB HDD and a working w7 on 40 GB HDD

I had to format hdd and reinstall w8 due to some problems. It got installed without a hitch and is working correctly on 1 TB.

However, the dual boot option is gone, and now it is working only on w8 on 1TB.

There is an intact w7 on 40 GB but that is not booting, not even showing option, if I make that HDD the boot drive, it just stops right at the boot and says "no boot partition found" so I have to go back to w8 from 1TB.

As there is an intact w7 on 40 GB, how do I get back it to make w7 dual boot on w8?

Is there any simple direct EasyBCD command that would add a w7 boot from 40GB HDD without affecting the current default w8 boot from 1 TB?



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