How to go back to Vista Boot Manager (after bootsect.exe)


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I have XP installed on first disk of SATA channel of my PC (boot.ini: default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS). I added Vista with SP1 to the second disk on SATA channel. It installed fine, and I was seeing the new boot manager menu just fine) but when Vista tried to start the desktop (i.e. explorer) for the first time--after I had been prompted to choose a user-name and a password--it gave an error message that drive not found. Windows Vista then sat there for a few minutes, and then rebooted. When it rebooted, it did't show the BootManager menu, rather it gave some text mode messages and just hung. I couldn't boot into XP as well (as there was no boot manager menu anymore!)

To remove Vista boot manager, and restore XP boot manager, I used the following command:

DVD:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force

It rested my XP boot manager just fine, but now my Vista is gone....:frowning:

Is there any way to add Vista to XP boot manager's boot.ini? If not, how can I restore Vista boot manager? I have read on the web that Vista SP1 has problem with certain dual boot set ups, could it be that I was a victim of that problem?

Another note: Before playing with Vista w/ SP1, I installed Windows Server 2008 on the same second HD, and it worked without any problem. The new W2008 boot manager (which looks just like Vista's boot manager) worked fine, and I could go into XP as well without any problems. Then to try Vista, I just booted into XP and reformatted the second HD, and proceeded to install Vista. I didn't know about Vista's new boot manager at that time or I would have done things differently. When the Vista boot manager menu came up during Vista installs, I could see Windows Server 2008 entry there, but didn't worry about it because it wasn't selected as default anymore. Please note that later, in an attempt to fix the Vista boot problem, I booted using Vista setup DVD again, and chose command prompt from recovery/fix options. When I issued command BCDEDIT.EXE, I noticed that W2008 was gone from the boot options.

Please help me get back to my Vista. I don't want to install it again because I am sure it will be a waste of time for it will take me to the same problem as before....
You cannot add an entry to boot.ini to boot Vista. XP was the last version of Windows to use boot.ini.

Have you tried recovering the Vista bootloader from a recovery disc/Vista DVD? Choose startup repair from the recovery options menu to do this. If that does not work, make sure XP well boot properly from disk 0 and then disconnect it. Re-install Vista on the second hard drive, verify it well boot, and then reconnect XP's disk.
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EasyBCD | Diagnostics | Reset BCD Data

Do that from within XP and you should be good to go.