How to I enter the BIOS setup to use my recovery disk?


I just downloaded the Vista Recovery Disk since my laptop wont boot after installing a forced update of Windows (SP2). I would just like to ask how do I use the CD (recovery disk)? I have read that I have to get into a BIOS menu? I'm not really a tech savvy person so I am clueless how to get in this screen.. Hope someone can help me out :smile:

Thanks in advance :smile:

source : Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc The NeoSmart Files



anyone please help? :smile:
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Hi Wizzie, welcome to NST.
Have you tried booting from the CD ?
Your PC may already be set to boot from CD before HDD.
Put the CD in the tray, then select restart from the shutdown menu.
If the PC is set up right, before seeing signs of Vista starting up, you'll get a message
"press any key to boot from CD"
Ignore it and Vista will continue to boot. Hit a key and the CD will boot into the recovery environment.

If you don't see the message, select restart again and this time watch the BIOS splash screen carefully (the 1st screen you see when the PC starts up (normally with the manufacturers name))
Somewhere on it will be instructions like "press DEL to enter setup" (or some other key or combination of keys)
Once in the BIOS setup, you should be able to navigate around using arrow keys, to the BOOT section, where you can set CD to come before HDD.
Hi Terry,

Yes I did try several times to boot from a CD. Here's a list of what I've done in the past few hours :

1. First, I tried the "Start Up Repair" option which appears in a black screen. This was my first attempt to trouble shoot and it gave me a message like, it didn't work, please restart pc and try again.

2. I tried logging in SAFE MODE to use system restore. My screen kept on freezing at the "Loading Windows File" part. I couldn't get pass this stage at all.

3. I tried System Restore by pressing F8. I reached the point where it said "Finished." BUT then again, I got an error message where it said that I have to redo it and select another restore point. (I cannot select another restore point because there was only 1 option in the menu, Oct 21 1:24 am Install SP2)

Lastly, my fourth attempt.. I downloaded a Windows Vista Recovery Disk from this site. I also followed the steps on how to boot from a CD/DVD from HERE and HERE.
I also burned the recovery disk twice (ISO file). After saving the settings from the BIOS menu (choosing Optical Hard Drive), nothing happened. My laptop read the CD for a few seconds then stopped and I was left with a big black screen. I waited for a couple of minutes, nothing still happened.

I am so clueless and helpless. I am afraid that my files might get deleted, I haven't had an updated back up yet. I really hope you can help me here.

Do you I have other options? What are the other ways to get pass this stage?

I am using a Sony Vaio CS13. And I am messaging you from another PC at home. Please do help me :frowning:
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It sounds like your Vista OS is broken, not the boot.
Sony Vaio recovery procedures are detailed here.
It sounds like restore from your Sony media is needed.
You can rescue your user data first by downloading a live Linux distro, and burning a bootable CD.
Boot it and use the first option "run without changing your system".
When you get to the desktop, the "places" option will give you an Explorer-like window you can use to navigate around your HDD and copy all your user files to external storage before doing a Sony factory reset.