How To Install My Machine? Vista+XP+OSX


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I have a new machine.
I want to install XP, Vista, OSX on it.
all of them work fine when only one of them installed.
how to make them all active in the machine?
I am really an idiot on this.
Please help me out, thank you!
Hi ilppp, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!
Please don't cross-post your questions to several forums, how will we know where to look for a reply? :wink:

First, partition your system as follows:
Partition 1: 50 GB Primary Partition
Partition 2: 20 GB Primary Partition
Partition 3: 10 GB Primary Partition

Install XP first on the partition of your choice.
Install Vista to the partition of your choice.
Install OS X to the partition of your choice.

You must install them in that order.

Now from the new OS X bootloader, boot into Windows Vista. From Vista, install EasyBCD, and open the bootloader management page. Select "Reinstall Vista Bootloader" and then go to the "Add/Remove Entries" page, and add an OS X entry. Make sure Windows XP is listed in that list, else add it as drive C:.

Reboot to check, it should be working.