How to install third OS


Hello I have 2 partitions c: and d: and one extended partition with 3 logical partitions firstly I install win7 to 'c:' then ubuntu to extended partition with 3 logical partitions ('\' + '\var' + 'swap' partitions) next i use EasyBSD to change Grub to Win7Loader Now I have an unused Drive 'd:' for installing winXP. How do I? I read before that I can Install winXP normally then using EasyBSD to repair but it's a risk, all boot of OSs will be lost. please help. Thnx

thank you, I solved it.
but in that page (above link to wiki help page) do you say that run easyBSD in winXP to add win7 loader? then add winXP boot, All actions should run in winXP?

my solution is: once Ubuntu installed over win7 with grub, then installing winXP cancelled all boot (win7 loader & grub), first repair system with win7 CD start-up tool, then win7 loader comes up, run EasyBSD to add winXP to win7 loader.

Thanks for this great tool, EasyBSD.