How to install XP after Windows 7?


Can anyone please help me with this problem.

I recently upgraded my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate (x64), but discover that quite a few elements of my hardware now will not work. This was not unexpected. In order to get them working on my main computer I would like to install Windows XP (x32) on a separate partition (or even hdd, as I have a choice).

In the past this would have been easy, as I have run dual booting systems with XP & 98, by just installing the second system and it would provide a boot menu once it had installed so that the choice would be available at boot up. My understanding is that this is now not always the case with these 7 and XP when installed in this order, especially if one is x64 and the other is x32.

I have downloaded EasyBCD as I understand that this can make the operation easier.
Do I need to install it on the Windows 7 partition before I install Windows XP?
Do I wait until I have installed XP and then see if I need to install EasyBCD?
Are there any tips about how to achieve the process successfully?

Any help in this situation would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds for your time and concern.