How to move easybcd from vista to Win 7?


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Hi - my system started as Vista only. Then I installed easybcd to dual boot into linux.

Now, I have Win 7 installed and I want to remove vista - but easybcd is installed on the vista partition.

I assume I'll have to remove easybcd from vista, and install it in 7 with the same configuration?

Does that sound right? I also assume I'll have to make sure that initial boot management is handled by 7 and not vista, but that's another story


Actually I think it's quite easy. Just install EBCD on Win7 (which I've done), then copy over the NST folder with the neogrub config file then.... either move the Vista boot entries over to the Win 7 partition, or, delete Vista partition and get the win 7 recovery process to build new boot entries on the win 7 partition, then go into Win 7 and make sure EBCD is setup properly with Neogrub.

ONly thing that is stopping me is a little confusion whether the vista boot setings "belong" to vista and need vista to still "exist" to work?


I've done it - rather easy with the Win 7 recovery mode. Here is what I did for anyone else wondering.

1) Logged into Vista then used bcdedit commands to move anything marked as C: (Vista) to G: (Win 7). Made Win 7 partition active in dev manager.
2) rebooted - failed - missing boot manager
3) ran Win 7 recovery console twice - 1st time enabled the second time to offer to fix booting of Vista or Win 7 - I chose win 7.
4) boots fine into Win7.
5) installed and ran easybcd, added neogrub, copy and pasted old config file in.

All works fine
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Hi Dodgey, welcome to NST.
Glad you're OK, but you needn't have gone to so much trouble.
Forget point 1
Make point 5 - Install EasyBCD 2.0, add an entry for Linux to your newly created W7 BCD
The whole point of EasyBCD is the avoidance of the need to use BCDedit.